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Ever get to the finish line of a race feeling depleted and sick?

Always thinking about food and feeling hungry all the time?

Missing a period, constantly getting injured or obsessing over getting lean?

Bonk during long runs and feel fatigued after every workout?

Burning out halfway through every workout? 

Trying to repair a damaged and disordered relationship with your body and food?

Confused about all of the nutrition messages out in the media?

Come on in... I can help you out with that.

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Just like a coach can take your performance to the next level, a dietitian can help you dial in your nutrition and bring the fun back to your relationship with food. A few areas I help clients with include: 

  • Building a unique nutrition plan based on individual fueling needs

  • Race-specific training and fueling plans

  • Ongoing support during training blocks or periods of increased intensity or mileage

  • Recovery from injury or time off of sport

  • Restoring a missing period or irregular cycles

  • Working with underlying health conditions to better meet your nutrition needs as an athlete

  • Overcoming an eating disorder; freedom from fad diets, disordered eating patterns and/or chronic underfueling 

  • Developing a more intuitive, positive relationship with food

  • Moving away from a weight-focused perspective to a performance-focused take on nutrition

Run Stronger:

Monthly Nutrition Coaching

Designed with the busy runner or triathlete in mind, this structured coaching program focuses on shorter sessions and increased accountability to help you move toward your goals faster. Together we'll work through the Confident Runner's Fueling Roadmap, from identifying your individual struggles to building custom solutions for your nutrition both around your training and throughout your life.  

This monthly program is intended for athletes ready to commit to improving their nutrition for training, but who struggle with accountability and staying on track. After your initial 3-month period, you can renew on a month-to-month basis as needed to fuel for your long-term goals.

Interested? Click below to schedule your free discovery call to learn more. 

Team Nutrition Coach

Do your running group members or coaching clients have questions about their nutrition? I offer both virtual and in-person presentations and Q&A sessions for athletes.

Learn the basics of fueling properly for a training cycle, find out how to dial in your pre- and post-workout nutrition, or understand easy tweaks you can make today for better performance and recovery.

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