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Meet Kristin

Hey, I'm Kristin, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and RRCA Certified Running Coach located in Texas. I’m on a mission to help endurance athletes achieve confidence in their training nutrition without the frustration of falling short or missing opportunities to perform to their potential. When I first started running, I thought I was doing the right thing by cutting out food groups and "eating clean". I took pride in how little I could eat and still get by. 

Now that I'm a dietitian, I can't help but shake my head when I think about those days! Whether you're an Olympian or a first-time marathoner, food is a critical and often overlooked component of training as an athlete. It's not the enemy! I teach athletes how to enjoy the foods they love without sacrificing performance goals - because while food is fuel, it also represents connection, nourishment, and joy. You won't find restrictive diets, pricey supplements or boring meal plans here!

I love seeing athletes crush their PRs without deprivation or restriction. As a fellow runner, I know what Mile 26 of a marathon feels like, what it's like to chase big goals, and how confusing it can be to figure out how to fuel the right way. 

I completed my Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Texas at Southwestern Medical Center. I have worked with a variety of individuals with underlying health conditions as well as in eating disorder recovery, and I use my clinical knowledge to provide evidence-based recommendations that work for each individual client. I also received my Level 1 RRCA Coaching certification in 2021 to provide additional insight to clients wanting to learn more about how their training and nutrition go hand-in-hand. I've worked with everyone from elite athletes to recreational runners finishing their first half marathons. 


In addition to running, you can find me exploring the great outdoors, planning my next travel adventure, trying out a new recipe, or watching football with my husband and and our cats. 


Areas of Specialization

Performance Nutrition 

Eating Disorder Recovery


Disordered Eating Habits

Non-Diet Approach/Intuitive Eating 

Hypothalamic Amenhorrhea Recovery

Organic Vegetables
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